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Giantess Draw - Wasteland Apocalyptic Views :iconcolonel-gabbo:Colonel-Gabbo 107 16
Giantess Draw - Beyond Infinity by Colonel-Gabbo
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Wasting time since 1992
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Info,Rules and Trivia about Colonel-Gabbo


And all of the things that involve things with pencils

:bulletblue: :iconcommissionsclosed: :iconrequestsclosed: :iconnotrades: :iconnocollabs: :bulletblue:


Rules,time and guidelines

Time is my greatest enemy,like for Batman is The Joker. So this mean that the request/commission could require a really variable time. This time could vary from less than 5 days to more than 3 weeks. Why ? Cause i always have a fuckload of work to do here.

If things works and they look stupid,they're not stupid. And rules follow perfectly this style. So let me introduce you my policy about art :
  1. If the request does not comply with the guidelines indicated below, I reserve the right to refuse the request.
  2. I actually could draw NSFW (even if it's not my favourite thing to do) or whatever you desire. Be careful of one thing : probably it won't be uloaded anywhere but on my Tumblr.However I am NOT EVER GOING TO DO CHILD PORN (THAT INCLUDES ANY EXPLICIT 'LOLICON' OR 'SHOTACON').
  3. I don't do strange fetishes except GTSs. It's strange but it's my policy.
  4. Violence is fine and good, even if it has an erotic bent to it. But I am not going to do anything like "Guro" please.
  5. If the commissioner claims THEY were the original artist, they will be barred from requesting any future commissions and further action maybe taken, depending on the severity of the case.

    And even if you see in my gallery a lots of things GTS related,this doesn't mean i do only that : I pratically can do everything,from drawing your OC,to create machines...

About the commission prices and everything,please read the proper journal :

:iconrightarrow: Prices and Commission Style UpdateHola everyone ! Colonel here ;)
2017 has begun,and I think that after an intense year of commission is time to update some things such as prices and commission types.
Digital Sketch: A digital sketch is a simple b/w pic. The lines could be sketchy here and there,but I always want to keep the quality to a reasonable level...and not make the pic look like a bunch of lines. As you can see from the preview,backgorunds and some details could be shaded using different grays.
The base price is of 10 €
Flat colours: Let's put some color in here. A work in digital with base colours only. There can be as always,multiple characters,and the background could be a gradient,a simple background,a city,a sky,that can be done with some shades.
For this one,the price is of 15 €

Simple Shad

NOTE : The price may change with the amount of details you want in it. Everything about it will be discussed by note.


Welcome on my profile page !

:bulletred: No RolePlay

I don't talk too much,and if i talk it's quite hard for me to use english. Imagine having RP

:bulletred: Nerd Inside

Science,physics an all related are so freaking cool...and since i'm studying electronical can guess :)

:bulletred: Worst enemy : TIME

Even if i'm active here on dA,you should know that studying engineering is officially an extreme sport,that requires tons of i have to spend wisely my time between books and drawings...
Hola everybody,and welcome to a new journal !!

This one might be one of the most waited journal ever,since lots of you asked me about two things : requests and commissions.

So,let me get straight to the point :

Why you stopped commissions,Gabbo ?

-It's simple...My free time is over. Work is hard and full of responsabilities,and I have to give all of myself in it. This means less time for arts and other things...I even stopped playing my PS4 cause of it ! :O

Oh...and how do you explain the latest arts ?

-It's even more simple...they were both old works and arts I did just listening to myself. You probably are aware that commissions are the greatest challange for an artist. Cause you have to match perfectly what the client wants...and sometimes is hard as hell,cause you could stumble into fields you never walked in. I may sound egoist,but I really wanted to draw what I had in mind these days (mostly material not for dA...). more commissions ?

-I didn't say that. The main fact is that the commission machine will be totally revisited. How ? Let me explain this.
  • Closed Number :There will probably be a limited number of slots every round,around 3 or 4,where every client will ask for maximum 2 drawings.
  • Style and price :This one was the hardest decision I had to take...but due to the time problems I mentioned before,it results to be the fairest one. So this is the only one option one can ask for a drawing :

    1. Digital/Pencil Sketch: A digital/pencil sketch is a simple b/w pic. The lines could be sketchy here and there,but I always want to keep the quality to a reasonable level...and not make the pic look like a bunch of lines. As you can see from the preview,backgorunds and some details could be shaded using different grays.
      The base price is of 5 €

    2.  Giantess Draw - Sketch Practice by Colonel-Gabbo

    The pic commissioned can be digital or a traditional pencil drawing,scanned and cleaned before the submission.
    A thing to be noted is that due to the work shifts,I may not be in constant comunication with the client.

  • 5€ per drawing and only sketches...and what about requests ?
    -It's still possible to recive a request,but it will be hard : cause I really,really,REALLY have to like the idea !
    A request is both a good thing and a bad thing : Good cause it makes me explore new themes,characters and situations...Bad cause it takes me out time i could spend on personal art or commissions
    Probably,to take note of all the requests I may recive,I'll make a special journal I'll pin on my main page,where you can leave your request !

I really hope I made the point here,and as always,you're free to ask me anything about this change ! And as always,

Have a nice day ! :D (Big Grin)


Giantess Draw - Wasteland Apocalyptic Views
A new game ? Nah. Unfortunately this will never be a game...

So,you probably know 'Straw Betty',a new OC of mine came out of nowhere while talking with a close friend of mine. Basically,take a Gardevoir,put her into a nuclear war,add some radiations and the FEV,wait 200 years and this might be the result.

A Gardevoir that now stands over 100m tall over the East Coast Wastelands. 

Or maybe more than 100m...cause bigger is better. Always !
Giantess Draw - Beyond Infinity
Probably this is the biggest Frankie I've ever made !

Not only she broke the dimension she lived in,but now all of the reality is in her hands !

She now can do whatever she wants,whenever she wants,in the way she prefers...a true GODDESS.


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Nullgray Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
i posted some of the pictures i've done on paper on deviantart! i'm still learning how to do stuff with the deviantart app, but i've learned how to submit!
here are the pictures.
Dark shadow portal technology by Nullgray Dark shadow tower by Nullgray Yellow dark shadow portal by Nullgray Relic gate by Nullgray
haruau Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017
I’ve been wondering about the Uni and family matters, mainly reproduction, and caring for young. (Since I can see Uni kids being very cute! :D)

Mainly with what they do with caring for kids, and when behind closed doors, sex. Just saying since it’s something that hasn’t been explored yet in the lore, other then implications.
lolfan1991 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017
Finally someone who understands the awesomeness of sock wearing giantesses! You've got many faves and my watch! ;)
Colonel-Gabbo Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Socks FTW ! :D

Thanks for the WATCH !! :D
lolfan1991 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017
You're welcome! :D
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